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We're always ready to engage with talented trainers who want to work in a collaborative environment with awesome people!


As a NexusFit Personal Trainer, we want your career to enhance your lifestyle. We know you'll be the best Trainer you can be when you are the best person you can be. With support from management and your peers, you'll be given the opportunity to learn from the team as well as outside educators, you'll also have opportunities to contribute by sharing your ideas at regular team meetings. While you will be supported in your program design you'll have the freedom to program creatively and be given accountability for the success of your clients. You will develop and refine your approach to coaching, programming, education as well as personal management, which will enable you to make a Personal Training career.


The team at NexusFit has a track record of producing outstanding Personal Trainers through over 12 years of practicing what we preach. Continuous Improvement, balancing Work, Rest and Play and Targeting Optimal Performance through longevity. We constantly review our best practices, programming and client management to ensure we're at the leading edge of Strength Coaching and Personal Fitness Management. As an industry-leading Personal Trainer, you will be compensated as such.

Drawing on influences from High-Performance Periodized Strength and Conditioning, Post Injury Rehabilitation, Holistic Health Coaching and now DNA specific tailoring of exercise for the individual. We know our breadth of knowledge is key to our past and future success.

Your continuous Development

  • Monthly client planning                                                                                            One on one meetings with a mentor every month to troubleshoot and plan for the success of all your clients.

  • Team workouts                                                                                                       Regular workouts with your teammates to share and explore approaches to exercise, also to have fun!

  • Industry Workshops                                                                                           Educational workshops put on by local leaders in Physiotherapy, Strength & Conditioning and many more. 

  • 24/7 Resources                                                                                               Constant access to publications, articles and the accumulated knowledge of the NexusFit team

If you have a passion for exercise science and think you can contribute to our team, hit the button below -we'd love to hear from you.

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