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My DNA - what I learned

I was super excited to receive my DNA results last week! As with any asessment, you look immediately to its credibility before you can get too excited by the new ideas it may offer.

How DNA forms the building blocks of our body

With that in mind, I was blown away to see such an accurate picture drawn with the below statements.

- I metabolize carbohydrates really well

- I have a large tendency to eat for emotional reasons, particularly in times of stress

- I fair better with endurance type activities than power/sprint ones

- I don’t metabolize caffeine well

- I don’t digest lactose from dairy products well

-My preference to consume a normal amount of protein and fat is far lesser than my preference to consume a normal amount of carbohydrates

I already knew these things about myself, seeing the DNA back that up begs the question , what does it say that I don't already know?

A few items popped up which raised an eye brow and have caused me to modify my habits in order to fuel and care for myself in ways that is best suited for my genetic makeup:


How does this work?

1.We send you a simple testing kit.

2.You do a simple cheek swab and mail it off.

Two weeks later, you'll have your report!

Prices start at $299CAD


I metabolize Mono saturated fats really well, but the same can’t be said about Saturated fats.

*I thought I was doing myself a favour cooking everything in coconut oil, adding it to my smoothies due to its fat burning benefits. Listening to mainstream advise would have you believe such things are good, and for many this would hold true. But in my case, it would have the very opposite effect and render my system more sluggish. The advice heard can be medicine for one person and poison for another. Unless you know what your body’s own unique requirements are, you can get caught up following the wrong plan and not even know it. DNA testing has really taken the guess work out of it. *I have now replaced the coconut oil and butter in my cooking with avocado oil, whilst hemp or chia seeds go in my smoothies. I plan on consuming less saturated fat type foods such as red meat and baked goods.

  • I have a poor ability to manage my body mass index. I always thought that if I ate relatively well and exercised regularly that my body mass index would be healthy. Truth is, I have a very active job on top of the additional daily exercise I take part in to thank this far. If I were sitting at a desk job all day, my body comp would most likely look very different. *Therefore, I will need to manage my body comp over time through stricter eating habits and with consistency in my exercise routine. More so, than some. So we need to not worry what others are doing, or why they seem to get results with less effort. It’s in our DNA!

  • I am prone to deep depression. I knew I had low days and off moods at times but didn’t realize the extent of which my mental health could be effected. *Knowing this, I make sure to make time for things I enjoy doing, spending time with people I enjoy being with, I honour when I am feeling a certain way and show myself compassion rather than being annoyed about the current feeling I am experiencing.

  • My body does not deal with inflammation very well and that I am prone to such ailments as osteoarthritis. Since inflammation is the corner stone for many diseases, keeping my levels down will help decrease my likely hood of developing any of them. *I am adding more anti-inflammatory dietary measures into my days such as drinking ginger tea, taking some EFA’s, watching my intake of the foods that are ill-tolerated by my body and inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugar, alcohol, wheat and red meat.

  • I process protein better than any other macro nutrients. *Although I knew that my preference leaned towards carbohydrates and away from proteins. I did not know how well I metabolized this macronutrient and therefore, consumed lesser amounts than what my body could utilize. I always thought this was because my personal preference was for whatever is best for my body. I have since increased my protein intake throughout the day, starting with more protein in my breakfast and it seems to have a positive effect on my appetite levels and cravings through the day.

  • My body regulates blood sugar levels really well and that the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes is very unlikely. *I always thought because diabetes ran on my father’s side that I would be at risk. I suppose I didn’t get the gene for it and for that I am very blessed. Knowing this I will still continue to watch my intake of refined, processed foods. However I can relax and enjoy my treats a little more with this knowledge.

  • My body doesn’t process vitamin B6 for macronutrient metabolism properly.*I have begun supplementing this into my diet and consuming foods that are higher in the B vitamin. Dream recall is purportedly linked with a deficiency in this vitamin. It will be very interesting if I can start to recall my dreams more clearly! More importantly, and certainly of greater relevance - A deficiency in B6 has also been linked to infertility. Something that I have been struggling with for the past 2.5 years. Knowing this might be a deficiency in my system due to poor assimilation of this vitamin makes it even more crucial that I consume sufficient amounts through food and additionally through supplementation.

  • My ability to resist sugar cravings and sweet foods is high.*For some who’s ability to resist this type of flavour is low, they would need to fight their bodies natural tendency towards it and no amount of will power could help. This can explain why some people can easily pass up a plate of cookies while others wouldn’t dream of it. I always thought I was born with a sweet tooth. I often crave sweet foods and contend with a sweet tooth most days. What I now think is my desire for this type of flavour is born out of habit rather than necessity. I may very well have under consumed proteins since my preference to do so is low and over consumed carbs since my preference is high and this cycle has created the perfect environment for sweet cravings. I will continue to increase my daily protein consumption and see just how much this plays a positive role in the reduction of my sweet cravings.

Knowing what I knew, and know now I am excited to move forward eating and exercising smarter! I can reduce my likelihood of developing disease by keeping my inflammation down, improve body composition, athletic performance and perhaps even increase fertility! I can maintain a healthier state of mind by honouring that there will be good days and bad days. Being kind with myself for feeling less than perfect all the time will keep my spirits up and my motivation high!

I can’t wait to get started and track the results!

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