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Changing Gears

Whisper it quietly though, summer might be over....

Winter is coming - How will you plan your fall Training Program? Ski, Skiing

How can you tell if you're ready for winter to start?

Well if you're a Golfer or a Road Cyclist, you're probably scrambling for thicker gloves and longer pants. If you've been diving WAY in to it, you're probably even nursing some aches and pains from your summer endeavours (see 8 common cycling injuries)

Most importantly to us, however we're excited about Fall and Winter activities! 

Hiking is amazing through the fall, the snow line isn't even started yet and the alpine colours are beautiful at this time of year. 

Mtn Biking is unreal, with the rain bringing the dust factor down and "Hero Dirt" helps your tires stick to any corner.

In the gym we can start to let go of our summer routine, all of a sudden the treadmills are getting busier as I bring my Training Clients inside a little more. Exercise selection and programming are shifting too. As most Golfers and Road Bikers move away from their summer hobbies (which is great news for their necks and backs) and shift focus to downhill skiing, cross country skiing and more indoor training. 

 There's a ton to be excited about this fall, and its a great time to train your focus on a goal and get your head down for some hard work before the Holidays (call it pre-emptive damage limitation if you really have to).  

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