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Trainer Spot-light - Zoë

Most of us have seen Zoë doing her thing around the Kits Gym now since late 2018. And we all know she knows her stuff with not just a Bachelors but also Masters in Kinesiology. You probably also know that she's a Rowing Coach at UBC. But did you know that she represented Canada at the World Championships - they even medalled!

Zoe and her Canada U23team at the 2014  World Championships

Prior to her Rowing career Zoe was a Ballet Dancer. You can imagine what a potent combination these two influences have been on Zoes Athletic development. One thing is for sure, she is as dedicated and as Hard Working as they come and if she can't figure out a lift or a move.. It'll drive her crazy until she masters it!

When Zoe isn't honing her own Skills or scheming about the ways she can improve the game of her clients and teams. She's doting after her Cat Buster...

Buster in all his Glory - what a cutie..

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