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An overdue update on our offerings

There's been a lot of change in 2023. We waved goodbye to Zoë, who's now on an Australian adventure. And we've welcomed back two new Mothers to the team! And our service offerings have never been so diverse.

Mel is back!

She's now offering Certified Pilates and Pre/Post-Natal training. In person in Squamish and Virtually, anywhere! Head over to to learn more about what she's doing and if she can help you fine-tune that core or pelvic floor function. Mel is taking on new clients.

Ross Leung is our newest addition -

You may have seen Ross around APT lately. Ross is a registered Kinesiologist and avid boxer. He's working with clients ranging from ICBC rehab and long-term injuries, all the way to busy dads wanting to Ski and Mountain Bike. If you're looking to add another training session or two to your weekly routine, Ross is taking on new clients. Drop us a line here if you'd like to try a session with him!

Joci is back!

In case you didn't already know, Joci has been back on board with us for a few months now and she's got limited availability on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you want to snag a spot, drop us a line.

New ways to train -

Virtual training sessions are 3 years old! I resisted them in the beginning, certain they couldn't be as productive as in-person sessions. But now I and a number of former in-person clients are sold. Not only does it save you the commute to the gym, but you can take your trainer on vacation with you too :) In a typical week, we're now running training sessions in Barcelona, Boston, Marine Drive and Maui. It's never been so easy to remain consistent - if you choose to. Sessions can run on a simple video call.

Online Programming is in its 4th year with Nexusfit, I've got clients who've never looked back since the pandemic pressed pause on personal training. If you can follow a plan and get yourself into the gym, then online programming represents the best results for your buck. You can contact Alex here if you want to learn more. This service can be used exclusively, or in tandem with any of our other services so you've got all your bases covered! The service includes video demonstrations, detailed charting of your past performance and easy messenger access to your trainer as well as monthly coaching calls.

As we enter the Holiday season, we'll look forward to seeing many of you around the gym or on calls. And if it's been a while, stop by or check in to say hi!

Yours, in health


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