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More than a Workout

You might not be an athlete, but that doesn't mean you should lower expectations when exercising. Our programs take you from where you are today and move you towards your goal.  Session after session. Until you're looking back, wondering why you didn't start sooner.

Perfectly Personalized

Your first meeting with us is all about finding out what makes you tick. Why do you want to change and how can we help you? Biomechanical, strength and energy system assessments tell us where you are. You tell us where you're going. And together we'll get you there.


Taking the Gold standard in exercise programming from the Pro's and applying it to fit your life, has been our Bread and Butter for over a decade now.

Programming provides daily and weekly progression. As you tick off one workout after another, you'll hit milestones and be looking back with satisfaction before you know it! 


For us, quality of life comes first. Programming adequate rest and balancing work and family are part and parcel of what we do.

What to expect

-Assessment to tell you where you're at and gauge progress.

-Workouts to fit your schedule with the right trainer to suit your needs.

-Workouts that build from week to week

-Homework to get you moving ahead quicker.

-Regular Goal setting and progress checking.

-Access to support from our whole team of Trainers and Nutritionists.

Why Personal Training?

Why not just do it yourself? Here's what we love about Personal Training:

-Accountability, when you don't feel like it. All you need to worry about is showing up, your trainer does the rest.

-Flexibility, your trainers' education, and experience help them not only to plan well ahead to ensure progress in the long term but when life throws a wrench at you - we'll adjust on the fly.

-Motivation, we're not cheerleaders. But we know the effect it has on your work rate when we're there with you.

-Objectivity, Have an expert eye on your performance so you know when to work harder and when to back off. Make sure your form works for your body and to explain when to listen to your body and when to tell it to shut up!

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