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Testimonials: Testimonial


Brian Kennedy - BKXC

I did an awesome consultation with Melanie using the DNA Power service. I sent in a sample of my saliva and after a couple weeks Melanie and I reviewed the results.

I found out a LOT of interesting information that will help me going forward in my diet. One example is that my body doesn't process B vitamins very well, so I should be supplementing to get myself over the hump. Another is that I would have a hard time quitting smoking if I ever start. There are SO MANY more, but I can't list them all!

Melanie and I spoke on the phone for about an hour and she emailed me an AWESOME rundown after the fact that made all data more digestible and ACTIONABLE. I'm adding more supplements to my diet and shooting for even better performance on the bike in the year ahead.

work head shot.jpg

Alex and Melanie have changed my views around fitness, nutrition and health. I have been working with Alex for over five years. In fact he and I are currently working through my second pregnancy. I kept up my workouts with Alex up to the 8 month mark last time around. Alex always has a unique set of exercises each week to target my goals. His understanding of the mechanics behind each body movement is impeccable which helps his clients truly understand why we do the exercises we do. Alex's humour, friendliness and encouragement have allowed me to make huge changes in my strength, flexibility and confidence. Nexusfit has become an integral part of my daily life!

Heather Morris


I have trained with multiple trainers and never enjoyed it as much, or seen results, like I have with Alex and Nexusfit. Every week is different and fun, keeping the workouts engaging and challenging. We always start and finish on time, and use every minute in between. Alex is very personable, and incredibly supportive. The team at Nexusfit cares about helping their clients and having fun at the same time!

Julie Terry

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 7.16.48 PM.png

J Speirs

When I started with Nexusfit I was intimidated by the gym. Mel not only supported me during the sessions, but also taught me skills to train independently. Nexusfit has made me focus on my health more than ever before and I love the results I see and feel! It's safe to say Nexusfit has changed my life!

Alex is an excellent Trainer, very professional and always at the top of his game with the most up-to-date research and knowledge

Lewis Morrison


Susan Esposito 

"As I have gotten older, I noticed my old methods for weight management were becoming less effective. I was struggling with blood sugar management and insulin resistance, which were both contributing to hormone imbalances. 


I recently completed the DNA Power tests for both diet and fitness. I was able to see, based on my gene variants, what diet and fitness modifications would be most beneficial for me. In my case healthy fats, not carbohydrates, were my preferred fuel source. The testing eliminated all the guess-work and revealed my keys to improve my health.


The amount of personalized information was quite incredible, and with Melanie's help, the recommendations were easily incorporated into my lifestyle. It was such an insightful exercise that my husband also went through the process, and we are planning to have our children tested next. "


Deborah Kerr

"Melanie was recommended to me by another trainer for her knowledge and expertise with nutrition. I've been a lifelong dieter--started my first diet when I was 12 and have tried every one of them out there. But the last few years have shown diminishing success with my old methods. I went to Nexus hoping they could figure it out. Melanie created a completely personalized program that addressed my body, my lifestyle, AND my DNA. Her approach is methodical and practical and I started to see results right away. I felt better, I lost my sugar cravings and I lost weight--and it wasn't torture! In fact it was simpler and easier than any other program I'd tried and it was certainly sustainable and GOOD for me. I also found the DNA testing completely fascinating and a great tool for understanding why my body doesn't respond to one-size-fits-all diets or exercise regimes. It also helps that Melanie is so positive and supportive. I have recommended Nexus to my family and friends when they ask why I'm looking so healthy and strong. This is something I can do for the rest of my life and I feel great because of it. Thanks, Nexus, and especially Mel!"


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