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Alex Ackerley


Sport & Exercise Scientist

Certified Online Coach

Titleist Golf Fitness Professional

Onnit Accademy Foundations Trainer

Alex has been delivering Strength & Conditioning as well as Exercise Rehabilitation since 2008. he currently divides his time between long-standing clients in Vancouver, Elite Mountain bikers and general Sea to Sky shredders in Squamish as well as delivering Online Performance Programming. A former National Level Rugby player, his Personal Sporting Passion is now Mountain Biking, as well as anything else in the mountains. 

"Your body is your fun machine. Let's keep it operating at the highest level, for your whole life"

Melanie Ackerley


Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Onnit Academy Foundations Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer 

Melanies strength is her understanding of the Mind-Body Connection. Sh'e also the administrative glue that holds NexusFit together!

"As both a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist I'm driven by a desire to see achievement in others, I've developed and delivered the  Nexus Nutritional programs. I also partner with local businesses to deliver Lunch and Learns, extended Corporate Challenges and have created a variety of educational health and nutrition newsletter articles for employees. A lifelong athlete, I've played many competitive sports and I continue to enjoy recreational Skiing, Hiking, Running, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing to name but a few! I understand the role good nutrition and exercise play for optimal athletic and day to day performance"

Zoe Fettig-Winn


BSc Kinesiology

Masters in Kinesiology

 “Introducing Ross, an avid boxer and sports enthusiast guided by the philosophy, "If you cheat, you're only cheating yourself." Ross's life revolves around a love for continuous learning and personal growth. Outside the boxing ring, he enjoys weightlifting, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and rugby, showcasing his diverse athletic abilities.

A proud Kinesiology graduate from the University of British Columbia, Ross has cultivated a strong clinical and rehabilitation foundation. With aspirations of becoming a physiotherapist, he aims to channel his passion for helping others to overcome physical challenges. Ross's story is basically a mix of loving sports, soaking up knowledge, and wanting to lend a hand to anyone facing physical challenges.”

Joci Romualdo

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 1_edited.jpg

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“Success comes when you keep it Simple”

Joci brings 10 years of experience and infectious, positive energy to her Personal Training. Her knowledge of Human Anatomy, Health and Wellness makes her a great fit for any client who wants to make real progress in the gym. Joci is results-oriented and adaptable to whatever you might bring with you to your workouts, while her passion for designing programs means she’ll maximize your workout efficiency. Whatever your goals, Joci's strategic thinking will ensure you don’t waste any time getting after them.

This is Jocis' third year in Vancouver after moving from Brazil where she worked as a Police Officer-that's right, don't mess with her! As you'd expect, she is bilingual and while her Portuguese is still a little better than her English - you'll know what she wants when she's training you! When Joci isn’t Teaching classes or Training one on one clients, she can be found coaching youth Volleyball teams down at the beach. Bringing a little bit of Copacabana to Kitsilano!


Illia Khomenko

Illia Khomenko.jpg

Bsc Kinesiology

"There is no perfect exercise or routine that you must do, it all
depends on your current capabilities and the cues from your body."

As a personal trainer and kinesiology graduate from UBC, Illia focuses
on correcting imbalances and preventing injuries in addition to
performance training with his clients. He's go a great eye for the fine details!

Outside of the gym, you can find Illia playing basketball, volleyball
, zooming around the seawall or up in the mountains.

About: Inner_about
About: Inner_about
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