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No Equipment = No Excuses - Your Take anywhere Summer Workouts

It's easy to let your workout routine suffer during vacation season. While summer is a great time to recharge and change up your routine, don't deprive your body of a good sweat and all the endorphins that come with it! Regardless of where you are, what the weather's doing, or how much time you have, you can (and should!) incorporate these no-equipment-required outdoor workouts into your day.

Tip - Go bare feet to avoid Sand in your shoes!

Workout A


Two sets

1x run around the block (2-4 minutes)

10 walking lunges with T-spine twist

10 walking figure 4 single leg squats

10 body weight squats

20 Bear crawls

5 Inchworm pushups

Twice through:

Complete two sets of each exercise couplet back to back before moving on to the next set.

20 seconds on @ MAX effort, 10 seconds recovery

1) Pushups (from knees or toes)

2) Leg lowers (as low as you can go with back flat on the ground)

1) Sprint

2) Alternating reverse lunges or alternating split jumps

1) Shoulder taps in bear crawl position

2) Bodyweight squats

1) Mountain climbers

2) Single leg glute bridges

2 minutes rest

3 sets continuous

10 leg lowers

10 Hollow rocks

10 bicycles per side


Workout B


3 sets

10 alternating reverse lunges

5/5 single leg RDLs

10/10 bear crawl (forwards and backwards)

10 Spiderman pushups (alternating)

20 jumping jacks


Set a timer and begin each exercise at the start of each new minute. After completing all reps, any time you have remaining before the next minute is for recovery.

Three sets

20 alternating split jumps

10 pushups to toe touch

30 Bodyweight squats

40 knees to chest (running on the spot)

10 alternating circular leg lowers

45 seconds bear crawl

10 burpees

2 minutes rest

6 sets

100m sprint

20 seconds rest

3 sets continuous

30 seconds plank

30 seconds isometric glute bridge

*NB, if you are unsure if these exercises are suitable for you - contact a NexusFit Trainer to find out how to work out safely and effectively.

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