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10-minute Shoulder tune up

Ever get sore or stiff or clicky shoulders?

I had a request in my High Performance for Life Group this week asking about Rotator Cuff Pain. It occurred to me that alot of Cyclists not to mention Tennis, Golf and pretty much anyone who likes to use their arms could likely benfit from this quick Shoulder Routine. Have a watch and give it a try.

If you like this kind of content and you're interested in seeing more like it, or you want to throw a request for something similar my way, Join one (or both!) of my Facebook Groups and hop in on the conversation.

High Performance for life is a group intended to help Weekend warriors get the best out of their body, over the longest Athletic career possible.

Strength Training for Cyclists also prioritizes Longevity and Performance equally and hopes to help Cyclists get more out of their Riding, through a little application of time off the bike.

Hit either of the above links to check out the Groups!

Yours in Health,


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