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Rest to gain.

Do you get enough rest? For many this is one of our biggest challenges. As active individuals in a busy culture which prioritizes productivity above all else. Is rest really that important?

Accumulation of fatigue due to insufficient recovery makes the nervous system slower. The signal from the brain to the muscles will actually begin to travel slower. (try clenching your fist and relaxing it very fast for 30 seconds - can you maintain the speed?)

If the signal from the brain arrives later in the muscles, this effectively reduces your reaction times. This leads to a higher risk of injury not to mention decreased athletic performance. Three-a days still sound like a great idea?

insufficient recovery, accumulation of fatigue & a slower nervous system are dramatically increasing your injury risk.

Just remember - a workout depletes the body, asking it to adapt. You don't adapt until you rest sufficiently and refuel appropriately.

For more information on rest, recovery and how to plan a suitable training program, contact us

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