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Quick Golf Warmup 4/7

I always get asked by my Golfers which exercises they should do before they start hitting balls... So I thought I'd make a little video series! We'll build this up and have 7 exercises total that shouldn't take you more than 3 or 4 minutes. 

 Here's exercise number 4/7. The stork turn. Again we are using a club to balance, this time in two hands. Hook your left leg behind your right knee. Slowly turn your pelvis around your standing hip getting progressively larger while being careful to stay stable and grounded through your standing leg. 10 turns per leg.

Now we're starting to prepare the body for the rotational forces of the Golf Swing. Your lead hip is subject to upwards of 40degrees of internal rotation through a follow through so you'd better be comfortable rotating! 

For more detailed range drills, contact your local PGA teaching pro. 

If you want any more information on Golf fitness - I'm your man. Please feel free to reach out!

Heading out to the range soon? Don't swing a club until you warm up. Not only will you be less likely to pull or strain something, you'll swing more freely, more consistently and with more effortless power. Follow along with our Golf warmup playlist on your phone next time you take the clubs out.

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