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Maintaining your Mojo - in the Gym

We have all been through the dreaded fitness slump. You manage to make time out of your busy schedule and finally make it to the gym. You’re looking at the treadmill and you are talking yourself out of your workout. You’re normally fired up to begin. But this time you have lost motivation. In my experience and from talking to many clients, this actually happens to everyone at some stage. So don’t be disheartened, and realise there are ways to ride out your slump and get your mojo back. Here are some tips I like to use.

1) Challenge yourself

Maybe take this day as a sign that your body needs change. Dare to challenge your body with new exercises and experiment with what you like. Changing up your typical workout can be a good way to keep the body fresh and work new muscles, increasing your challenge and therefor your potential adaptation.

2) Do not worry or stress

I can’t emphasise this enough. The occasional lack of motivation really does happen to everyone. Remember that fitness should be relaxing and fun. Try some stretching, deep breathing and observe others. Just remember that not every day is going to be your best and that’s OK.

3) Shorten your workout

Decrease your intensity a little and take things down a notch. Maybe run 20 minutes instead of 30. Do fewer reps on some of your exercises. Keep working with exercises that have been working for you, but do them in a shorter amount of time perhaps just with a little higher intensity?

4) Talk to someone - anyone!

Sometimes listening to another likeminded voice can make all the difference needed. Most trainers around you have seen athletes in every kind of emotional and physical state so you won’t share anything they haven’t heard before. They will be able to suggest ways to get the most out of your exercise, even when you’re not totally feeling it.

5) Move to the music

I am a huge believer in music and its ability to motivate. Sometimes a little (for me) Linkin Park, ACDC or whatever music it takes to get you moving is all you need to turn your workout into a great one. The right playlist can improve your efficiency and boost your motivation, so don’t be afraid to move your body to the beat and do what it takes to keep you moving.

Ed. (Trainers tip - if you wear headphones when you're at the gym, it will discourage people from interrupting you. Sometimes I don't even turn them on!)

6) Rest and Recovery

Sometimes the body just needs to recover. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off for rest and listening to your body. There’s always tomorrow and with sufficient rest and recovery, you will be back stronger than before. Happy Hump Day!

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