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Nutrition Coach. Not Nutrition-ist

Bare with me as I draw up a scenario.

Individuals might exercise once a day for (hopefully) 3-6 days per week. Those same people will eat 5-6 times per day, 7 days a week. With that many opportunities to eat (35-42 for example). There's much more that can go wrong and so many more important choices need to be made.

"So....If we hire Coaches and Trainers to help us get the most out of exercise, why not approach eating in the same way?? "

Seeing a nutritionist for on-going goal setting, education and accountability can help take the frustrations out and have you eating in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable all the while working towards achieving your smallest or biggest health, performance and body composition goals.

Melanie has been Coaching Nutrition clients to success for over 12 years!

There was a time when I would just write meal plans for clients. That would deliver some workable material for about a month but eventually the plan would get old and we're back to square one. Why? Because the understanding of the interactions between your body, food, sleep and exercise is not there.

"We can’t change what we don’t know."

Only when we understand their direct benefits will we make sustainable changes. The way the body is designed to be properly fuelled and nourished is central to a truly balance approach.

The truth is, every approach works with consistency. The problem is, all of the quick fix and "Diet X" approaches are unsustainable.

Everyone is different and we all have individual needs. The individuals who get permanent results are the ones who look at the lifestyle component of their health. They strop trying to out-train their diets and begin making nutritional choices they can sustain to complement their lifestyles.

I offer this approach, if you think it might be right for you. Get in touch and we can start you on the road to long term success!

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