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Trust the Process - 2 tips to get the results already.

For the last 5 weeks I've been working with a world class endurance coach - Jen Segger - Jens simple programming has allowed me to focus on nothing else, other than hopping on the bike a few times a week and applying some effort. Melanie as always has helped me to refuel so I'm fully recovered for every ride. The progress has been huge!

We all battle with ourselves when it comes to exercise, our nutrition, heck even personal and professional goals. The fact is we are always striving for success on one or many of those fronts. Waking up every day and reassessing your progress -

"Did I do enough yesterday? Should I do a little extra today to burn off desert?

What about the workout I saw on instagram, maybe that's what I need?"

The stats and calendar can be daunting when you look at it in it's entirety. But taken day by day, it's just fun!

If I told you that you could take all of that mental noise away with two - or, really just one move. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Yep, it would be amazing. And yes it is easy. And yes, you can do it.

Here Goes...

1. Have a plan - It doesn't matter if you're talking nutrition or training , or even nutrition and training. Step one is always answer the question "How do I get to the Goal I want". You'll probably need the help of a knowledgeable person (read personal trainer or nutritionist - we know a few) to create a realistic plan with weekly, monthly and annual objectives. The fact is, without a reasonable plan step 2 is not going to happen.

The best plans fit the acronym SMART. Your goals should be...






2. Follow the plan - It seems obvious, but this is where the majority of failed plans, fail. The problem for most is not trusting the process. By getting bogged down in the daily minutia of self doubt. Simply trust the plan and follow the plan.

"Don't tweak, adjust or procrastinate. And for Gods Sake - stop reading for new material until you're finished this plan."

This takes away all the mental noise, allows the "work" to be less stressful and more enjoyable. All of a sudden you'll be enjoying the process rather then watching the clock wondering when your results will materialize. And once you're enjoying the process, you've got it made.

So next time you're feeling like you want to really make a change - don't just rush straight to the gym for a SH*T Kicker workout. Write down your goals, get some expert advice and map out your road to Success!

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