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Dieting - Lets Change the Narrative

You're ready to lose the weight. Have you stopped to ask yourself, are you ready to do the work?

For true change to occur from dieting , you must be ready! I don’t mean ready to temporarily turn away cookies or a second glass of wine. But to be ready to address the behaviour that got you here in the first place. Without that, you might make some short term progress, but how long until you're back here again? Why has food gathered so much power in your life that you'd consider getting rid of it completely? Wouldn't you rather create a healthier relationship with food and learn how to enjoy it without the hang-ups?

Why don't we shift our focus - what if we just thought about being "healthier" by this I mean truly healthy - Sleep well, manage stress, eat nourishing foods and exercise regularly and moderately - for fun, not for punishment.

Making these changes, and I mean truly embracing the process and not seeing it as just a means to an end can get you there finally - once and for all. The fat won't only fall off but your new approach to food and eating will seem effortless and enjoyable. Too good to be true? No, it's really not.

Ask yourself - Why do you even want this change? What is it fuelled by - Fear or Love? Rejection or Acceptance? Approach it from a place of self care, take measures to improve your health and wellbeing, that sounds pretty doable right? The result is an opportunity to learn about what makes you feel good, what makes you happy… a great place to live from.

I often witness clients who come to me for a specific weight loss goal and through their journey they learn a lot about themselves, their relationship with food loses it's power over their lives. The journey stops being the diet and ongoing success is relatively effortless.

I've been helping people break out of negative relationships with food over 10 years.

Day 1 at the gym does not start with a 400lb Deadlift. So why do you think you're going to go from 0-60 successfully with Dietary changes?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. If you consider what got you here today - all the influential relationships and formative experiences - it's amazing how complex we each are. And it stands to reason, making real change will take time and thoughtful application. So show yourself some compassion and have patience as you make the shift from the negative thoughts "I can’t have"or "I shouldn’t” and focus on the positive “I want" or "I will ".

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