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Are you ready for your run?

The Spring Race season is here and many of you will be training for the Sun Run, BMO, Sea Wheeze, Loop the Lakes to name a few. But training aside, are you ready?

we're all targeting success this spring. But are you maximizing your chances?

1.Taper and Rest

If you're running the Sun-Run this weekend, you should already have tapered and be resting. Squeezing in one more run at this stage will only deplete your energy come Sunday. Lower intensity activity like walking and yoga are good options if you're getting antsy!

2. Hydration starts days before the run.

Hydration doesn't start Sunday morning on the way to the start line! No booze the night before, increase water intake 2 days out. Your pee should be not too clear, not too yellow!

3. Fuel smart

We know about Carb Loading, heck lots of us even try and fuel on fat now a days. Bt whichever way you try to do it.. Play it safe the day before. Avoid Spicy food, some of us should be avoiding dairy, others gluten.

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