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The anti inflammatory diet - simplified.

Inflammation can be experienced in the body in so many different ways. Some are easy to identify (arthritis) while others may be masked (fat gain) and their direct impact go undetected. Regardless of the source, incorporating some or all of these guidelines can help lower and even reduce inflammation in the body all together.

Melanie has been helping people overcome dietary challenges for over 15 years.

-Focus on Whole Foods (using a good blender, following your cup of lemon water, make and consume a green drink. Adding in 20-25 grams of quality easy to digest protein). Doing so will help boost metabolism, balance out blood sugar levels and help you feel satiety for a longer period of time. -Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (decrease your intake of pesticides by buying organic and if not always possible soaking them in water with vinegar for at least 10 minutes or using a fruits and veggies spray) -Reduce intake of meat and dairy and other animal foods -Eat the right type of fats -Focus on plant based proteins and fish -Keep sodium intake low and potassium intake high -Avoid arachidonic acid (found in peanuts, meat and dairy) Include many of these top Anti-inflammatory foods: -Green leaf veggies -Beets -Broccoli and other cruciferous -Blueberries -Pineapple -Cold water fish -Beans -Ginger -Turmeric (curcumin) -Bone broth -Walnuts -Chia, hemp, ground flax seeds Consider limiting if not avoiding these top Inflammatory foods: -Imbalance between omega 6 to 3 (SAD: 25:1 ratio) -Toxic refined oils such as corn, soy, sunflower - replace with avocado, coconut, olive oil -Red Meat (grain fed) -Refined grains (everything white) -Processed foods -Trans fats -HFCS -Dairy -Alcohol -Aspartame + Artificial sweeteners *Inflammation in the body depletes magnesium in the body and a deficiency of magnesium in the body increases inflammation. Stress increases inflammation and inflammation creates more stress. Understanding the cycles our bodies go through can be the first step towards making healthy changes and improving overall quality of health.

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