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Trainer Spot-light - Troy

Troy's been with NexusFit for nearly three years now and it's been awesome to see him settle in to life in Vancouver after moving here from his Native Ireland.

He continues to travel and explore this part of the world while staying close with family - a few of whom are here now too.

Troy discovered his love of the North American Continent while coaching Soccer in New England and across the North Eastern US. In fact Soccer is Troys first passion and he still plays in one of Vancouvers highest Divisions for the aptly Named "GreenCaps" - no prizes for guessing their recruitment strategy - hint - it involves Guinness ;)

Troy with the Greencaps 2018 Vancouver Championship

His passion for Sports drove Troys schooling through a Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Sports Nutrition. Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows him, Troys talent for listening and empathy combine with his expertise in Exercise to create one hell of a trainer! He's just attained his permanent residency and we look forward to seeing Troy continue to thrive in Vancouver along with all those who train with him.

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