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September - Getting Back on Track? My Top 5 Tips

1. Start off planning for success - don't go too hard, too soon. You can and should always add time or intensity later, but if you have to back off, you might feel like you failed.

2. Collect data - You need feedback to tell you, you're succeeding and on track. Make sure you keep track of your performance. Every workout doesn't need to be a PR, but upward trends should appear.

Get your Fall momentum started - plan your fitness regime wisely with these tips.

3. Prioritize yourself - know that you'll be a better parent/employee/boss if you just take the time to work on yourself. The saying "Self care is Sacred" might sound woowoo - but it's true!

4. If it's not relevant, by definition - it doesn't matter. Whether your overall goal is to play with the grandkids after your 70th birthday, or complete the BC Bike Race. The prize at the end needs to matter!

5. Have a deadline. And not only to keep yourself honest. Urgency breeds intensity.

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