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Do you need to stretch more?

If you've been around the Gym this last 6 months, you will have seen the Amazing Stretch clients are getting after a workout with Joci. She's passionate about the importance of stretching and was kind enough to write this short piece about the importance of a good stretch!

When you hear the word stretching in gyms, it is common for people to wrinkle their nose. Most think stretching is for beginners in weight training or just for high impact physical activities, such as running. Many go further and believe that it is a matter of older people who have some areas of the body compromised. But stretching is essential for the proper functioning of the joints, mobility and to keep the muscles relaxed and flexible.

Stretching is necessary to facilitate the execution of some movements, as, over time, it is common to lose mobility and range of motion. This can lead to poor lubrication of the joints and compromised mechanics, which can lead to injuries. Stretching, when done right also release endorphins and relieve stress, it improves the quality of breath and posture, decreases muscle tension and increases body awareness.

People that are not in the habit of stretching before and after activities, could be increasing their likelihood of injury.

Do you have achy knees, tight shoulders, a stiff lower back? Guess what -

It’s no secret. We all know we stand to benefit from more stretching. Most of us say it out loud every time we start a workout!


Joci will be offering a small amount of 30-minute stretch sessions to our clients (cost is $50). You can book them before or after your workout or even as a stand-alone visit to the gym (subject to availability).

CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW while spots remain.

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