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Joci - Welcome to the team!

“Success comes when you keep it Simple” Many of you will have seen Joci around the gym already. For those of you who haven't met her yet, here's a little bit about our newest Personal Trainer.

Meet Joci, our newest Trainer who hails from Brazil

Joci brings 10 years of experience and infectious, positive energy to her Personal Training. Her knowledge of Human Anatomy, Health and Wellness makes her a great fit for any client who wants to make real progress in the gym. Joci is results-oriented and adaptable to whatever you might bring with you to your workouts, while her passion for designing programs means she’ll maximize your workout efficiency. Whatever your goals, Joci's strategic thinking will ensure you don’t waste any time getting after them.

This is Jocis' third year in Vancouver after moving from Brazil where she worked as a Police Officer-that's right, don't mess with her! As you'd expect, she is bilingual and while her Portuguese is still a little better than her English - you'll know what she wants when she's training you! When Joci isn’t Teaching classes or Training one on one clients, she can be found coaching youth Volleyball teams down at the beach. Bringing a little bit of Copacabana to Kitsilano! Welcome to the team Joci!

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