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Operating on another (Lower) Level

I just contributed a short piece for my friend Lauren over at Glow Physiotherapy. For all you expectant mothers in the Sea to Sky, get in and check her out to stay on top of your pelvic health.

Starting and looking after a young family is the most rewarding experience of my life. But like everything worth doing, it's got its challenges. Here's one I experience every day, as well a few solutions for anyone with tight hips :)

"As a new Mum, You’ll be spending more time on the floor over the next 3 years than you probably have since you were in Primary School. So you better get good at getting down, hanging out, and getting up again often with one or both hands full.

Not only that, spending a little time on the floor is a sure-fire way to identify any tightness in your hips, hamstrings and lower back. If you've done it lately, you'll know!

So for all you expectant and new mums, my number 1 tip is to get comfortable on the floor!

Try these exercises, in sequence - to see if you’re ready for a morning on the kitchen floor with a toddler. You might be surprised how hard they are!

If you could use a little help with your hips - or anything else Strength related, our team is available in Kitsilano and online. To find out more, book a call with me and we'll figure out how we can help!

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