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Trouble Prioritizing the Gym? Here's Zoë's 4 tips for Success.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

This is the Season of excuses - we're all busy gearing up for the holidays, work deadlines, tending to kids that are off school sick. It shouldn't come as a surprise - happens every year. Well Zoë just got back from coaching the UBC Varsity Rowing Team to another haul of medals in Seattle this weekend. And she still had time to blog for us! Thanks Zoë!

We all know the positive impact it can have on your physical and psychological health if you're reading this, you probably know first hand. Just a quick look at the facts tells you- Those who engage in regular exercise are significantly less likely to develop cancer, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. Exercise increases metabolism enhances our focus and increases our quality of sleep. So it's a shame when we 'Bump' the gym for work, school, and all manner of other stressors that creep upon us.

Here are a few simple tips for taking exercise off the back burner and setting yourself up for success, not only in the gym but in your long-term health as well:

1. Leave early:

Traffic, flat tires, and construction can't be helped on your commute. But by leaving with enough time to navigate any obstacles and arrive at the gym a few minutes ahead of your workout, you're giving yourself an opportunity to start your warmup early with cardio, rehab exercises, or stretching, and get into the gym mind space before connecting with your trainer. This ensures you get your full hour of work in and leave the stress of the commute out of the equation.

2. Dress for success:

If going to the gym doesn't rank amongst your favorite ways to spend an hour, take steps to make yourself feel good while you're there. Investing in workout gear that fits you well and feels good on will make you look forward to wearing it while you sweat.

3. Bring a friend:

Having a partner to work out with helps make the workout fun! Not only does it facilitate social bonding, but working out with others reduces our perception of exertion and fatigue, and can foster some healthy competition that helps both of you achieve your fitness goals. Schedules don't match up? Team up with your friends online to maintain a Google Doc of your workouts and help hold each other accountable, swap training tips, and cheer each other on.

4. Get off the grid:

Your workout is your time. Don't let phone calls, emails or texts distract you from what you're trying to accomplish in the gym. 99% of the time, the needs of those trying to reach you can wait until you're done. If you use your phone to track workouts, put it on airplane mode to keep your focus on your program.

Want to work out with Zoë? We've got a limited amount of space in her Monday night Class! Click here for more info and to get in on the last Training Block of 2019

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