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DNA mapping will unlock your potential

Your personalized DNA results contain information unique to your body, giving you the power to make informed decisions about your health.

DNA is our personal biological roadmap. It guides the development and functioning of our bodies. DNA sequences, known as genes, contain genetic markers that differ among people. dnaPower’s genetic testing zeros in on specific genes and genetic markers that have been scientifically proven to impact health, nutrition, fitness, and disease and that may vary between people.

-Place your order

-Receive your testing kit

-Perform a simple cheek swab

2 weeks later you'll have your report!

Prices start as low as $299CAD



Hereditary and environmental factors can cause genetic variations or mutations in your DNA. Some mutations have minimal effects, while others may alter a gene in such a way that its function is changed or lost. When this occurs, there is a risk that your gene may not function at an optimum level.


Your dnaPower results provide a snapshot of selected genetic variations that have been proven through scientific studies to impact your health. By knowing your genetic variations, you can learn where you may be predisposed to good or poor health related traits. By understanding this information, you can take proactive steps to enhance your wellbeing. The good news is that through healthy diet, nutrition and exercise, you can change or improve how your DNA functions.

RELIABLE RESULTS dnaPower uses a state of the art Agena MassArray genotyping platform to provide greater than 99.7% accuracy in the genes and SNPs (Single Nuceleotide Polymorphisms) that we test. We test genetic sites that identify the most common DNA markers scientifically studied and proven to be associated with certain conditions. We report on genes that have a high incidence relationship. It is important

to note that DNA research is constantly evolving. There may be variations related to a condition that are yet to be discovered and may in future improve on the accuracy and thoroughness of the results.

MAXIMIZING YOUR RESULTS Knowledge is power. We encourage you to use your dnaPower results to understand potential impacts to your health and to take positive action.

Contact us now to book your DNApower test kit, and get walked through the results including what it means to you and how you can make changes to optimize your life .

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