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Ski Boots hurt! Look after your Feet

OK Skiers, you've worked hard all off season to get your legs in shape and you're a month or so in to your season now. Hopefully the legs are in great shape and your feeling strong through a hard days charging.

But If your Back, Hips, Knees or maybe just your ankles and feet are hurting then give those feet the TLC they deserve. It might clear up a few aches and pains elsewhere.

A pair of strong, healthy feet wont just help you ski better. It will likely lead to healthier Knees and Hips as well as clearing up some lower back imbalances.

Here's my top 4 post skiing, foot recovery exercises. Super easy, and who doesn't like a foot massage?

At NexusFit we believe in working hard in the Gym so we can have more fun doing what we love. For us that means Mountain Biking and Skiing. For our Personal Training and Nutrition Clients it can mean anything from Playing with the Grand Kids, to Climbing the highest Mountains on the Continent. If you have a fitness Goal that you could use some help with, get in touch. We'll get you there faster and safer.

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