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The NexusFit concept is the culmination of 6 years of Nutritional expertise and Sports Science excellence. the Science of elite performance and injury management meets real world applicability; with an understanding of the emotional and psychological barriers the every day person has to deal with when trying to meet their fitness goals.

Our team operates at the highest professional standard, are educated, motivated and are generally GREAT PEOPLE overall.

Our philosophy is that a healthy body is vital to a happy life just as a happy life will help you find a healthy body. Through the specialized, creative and enjoyable implementation of healthy eating and consistent, best practice exercise habits, we aim to help each of our clients find Where Movement meets Nutrition


Alex and Mel first combined their talents in 2010 and found quick success, growing their reputation quickly. With staff of 7 industry experts to meet the demands of its growing client base. In 2016 They left behind their first company in search of a new challenge, one that more accurately matched their values of health and sustainability first. Nexusfit was born that April and has picked up where they left off.


  • HOLISTIC MINDSET – the team understands there’s more to getting fit than just getting your butt kicked in the gym. You can still expect to get your but kicked when appropriate, but they understand that individual nutrition and lifestyle are equal parts of that equation.

  • NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS JUST FOR YOU – Melanie is not only a personal trainer but also a certified nutritionist. She works with her clients to develop personalized nutritional education programs to suit their goals.

  • ONLINE COACHING - Many of their services are now available online to customers right around the world.

  • THE BEST TEAM OF TRAINERS – their personal trainers are outstanding – really good. And they genuinely care about helping you succeed.

  • WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS -Do you want to be stronger and faster? Fat loss? Increase your energy? Work on muscle tone? Enhance your athletic performance? Treat or prevent injury? Stay healthy pre- and postnatal? Whatever your goals, they help you set and achieve them. Actually they’ll help you surpass them.

  • RESULTS ORIENTED – The NexusFit team will quantify your results so they can show you exactly how well you’re doing. You’ll look great on paper too! They know injuries. They will get you active again and keep you there.

Come meet the NexusFit team at their brand new location (APT STUDIO 2038 WEST 11TH AVENUE) and see how they can help you Where Movement meets Nutrition

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