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Chocolate Mousse - Guilt (and hassle) Free!

Mel’s healthy Chocolate Mousse lets you bring back chocolate without the guilt!


1 cup Dark Chocolate Chips 325g Plain, Organic Greek Yogurt 1/2 cup Warmed brown rice, almond or coconut milk 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Step 1 In a pan or pot, melt the chocolate chips in the milk. Make sure to let the chocolate melt slowly (low to medium heat). Stir until chocolate is uniformly smoothed into the milk. Step 2 In a bowl, mix the yogurt, melted chocolate/warmed milk mixture & vanilla. Whip together until smooth. Place mixture in fine-mesh strainer or sieve, pushing through with the back of a wooden spoon, into a medium bowl. Step 3 Ladle into individual serving bowls. Chill and serve topped with fresh raspberries! Servings 4, Preparation Time 10 minutes, Chilling Time at least 60 minutes.

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