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What kind of Resolution-er are you?

“New year, new you.”

This is an expression that we hear every time this season rolls around. For some, these words may be inspiring, motivating, and stir up positive reflections of the past year; however, for others, it may be a mind-numbing reminder of all the goals and to-do lists that we've not quite achieved or completed.

"So, which one are you?"

If you are the former, and becoming excited about the new year and the opportunities to reach new personal heights comes natural to you – let’s roll with it! Write them down, say them out loud, and share them with those who can hold you accountable. Break your plans down into bite-sized pieces and outline your vision; for every long term goal, there will be several preceding short term goals. Plan ahead and keep the momentum going. Build on the successes and challenges of the past year; ask yourself the tough questions. In terms of your health vision – what actions helped you reach your lifestyle goals? What set you back? Acknowledging both your motivators and discouragers are key in planning for success.

If you are the latter, filled with dread at the prospect of another 12 months of un-met personal goals, let’s start your year off with pinpointing why it is that you are falling short. This may seem obvious, but few of us take the time to actively and objectively review our personal growth processes.

Think SMART when planning outlining your goals. Ask yourself - are your goals






Start by acknowledging your lifestyle vision – the top 5 activities you would love to take part in, then break those down into short term goals that include the SMART structure.

Here at Nexus Fitness & Nutrition, we believe in a different approach to your fitness and dietary needs. We want you to live the life that you, personally, want to lead. By unlocking your potential through functional training that suits your individual lifestyle and a dietary plan tailored to your very own DNA, rest assured that you are equipped with the tools leading you to sustainable optimal health. The new year is a great time for re-evaluation, and we are here to provide you with the support, knowledge, and motivation that you need to not only conquer 2018 – but to sustain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for the years to come.

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