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September, the new - New Year?

With August in to it's last weeks, we find September knocking on the door and it's the same old story again.

-Kids are going back to school

-Work's getting busy

-After School and after Work Sports start up again

-The Days aren't as long

-"Patio Season" is nearly over :(

We've come to recognize September as the New New Year in the Training Business. No, I don'd mean we're counting down to midnight on Labour Day.

September is a great time to reassess where you're at, and where you'd like to be by December, the New Year or by this time next year.

Getting my legs in shape for the demands f back country skiing is going to take a little work.

I for one, am full of ambitions for the coming months. Melanie and I are moving to Squamish in three weeks and we've got all sorts of plans to take NexusFit to the next level. Online Programs, Goal setting for all of my clients, training projects to work on with Troy and Melani

e. I'm downloading podcasts by the dozen for our new commute! I'll be starting a new training program with Back Country Skiing in Mind as winter gets closer.

Maybe you want to unlock some mobility this fall to improve your yoga moves?

So you can see, if you sit down and write a few things out. It becomes very clear just how much potential there is in the coming months!

What are you planning this fall? Speak to Melanie, Troy or Myself and lets lay down a few goals.

Bring on the fall!

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