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Why your next diet is going to fail

You’ve hired a personal trainer to help you get in shape and reach your health and fitness goals quickly and safely. Great idea! If you can exercise once a day for 3,4 or 5x per week for an hour, maybe longer on the weekends. Thats 5-10 hours of exercise per week. How could this plan fail?

“How could this plan fail?”

Well lets talk food. You likely eat at least 5-6 times per day, hopefully 7 days a week. That’s 35-42 times per week. Or rather, 35-42 opportunities to make bad decisions per week.

“35-42 opportunities to make bad decisions per week”

When you think about it this way, it seems absurd that people are usually happy to employ a trainer before they’ll even contemplate hiring a Nutritionist. For Body Composition, Endurance and Power Sports - a good Nutritionist may be a more valuable investment than even a Personal Trainer.

Take the guess work out, get eating in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable. Achieve your chosen health, performance and body composition goals.


Anyone who’s used a personal Trainer can tell you there is no substitute for the one on one direction a Trainer brings. Try the same program on your own and your guaranteed to at least water down the efficacy of your training. Usually a month in, the training is less frequent, less intense and likely being done incorrectly.

“Usually a month in, the training is less frequent, less intense and likely being done incorrectly.”

This is why, so many of us don’t reach our nutrition goals. We simply cannot do it with a random selection of one-size-fits-all diets. There was a time when I would write meal plans for clients. That would deliver some workable material for about a month but eventually the meal plan would fall by the wayside.

The problems here are threefold -

  1. The interactions between your body, food, sleep and exercise aren’t taught and you can’t be expected to fully understand them.

  2. Our ability to break habitual behaviours towards food is very limited.

  3. Without an individual assessment, your results will be sub-optimal and the process therefor will be harder to stick to.

Theres a reason we can’t follow simple advice -

“Behaviour Change is hugely challenging”

Simply being put on a meal plan or hiring a nutritionist for a one-off is very unlikely to produce results. Each person is different and has individual needs. For years now, Melanie has achieved amazing results with her clients thanks to a comprehensive lifestyle assessment which gives us clues to otherwise undetected food sensitivities and allergies.

Now with the exciting new technology of Gene analysis (available through Nexusfit). We can take the detective work out of the equation and get a full report.

-We can’t change what we don’t know.

-We’ll only make sustainable changes when we understand the body and it’s interactions with food, exercise and rest.

At last, we may have found the answer - people are already finding great results and with DNA testing, can only get better.

So here’s your answer -

1. Book a consult with a nutritionist -

2. Identify your food sensitivities and suitabilities

3. Identify your behavioural bottle-necks

4. One by one, modify your food choices and behaviour break-downs using the Nexus Signature plan.

6. Keep seeing your nutritionist on a monthly or quarterly basis to assess progress and to discuss new challenges that will inevitably arise.

7. Enjoy your results and maintain your “Gains” without feelings of deprivation or need for further dieting!

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